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UAYEB has several Survival elements included, adding a layer of difficulty to the exploration.

List of survival elements[edit | edit source]

Body temperature[edit | edit source]

When you are too cold you will get ice on your screen, when you are too warm you will get sweat running down on your screen. These affect your visibility and both states will blur your aiming vision.

- Your body temperature goes down when:

Staying close to the cryogenic room, during the night, the night under water.

- When you are too cold:

You can get warmer by taiking a shower, sleeping, get close to a camp fire, get close to a sulfur spray.

- Your body temperature goes up when:

Staying close to a sulfur spray, during the day, close to a camp fire.

- When you are too warm:

You can cool down by swimming under water, sleeping.

Hunger[edit | edit source]

You can find two types of food:

You will need a can opener to open the tin cans.

Some tin cans can be rotten and will affect your health if you eat them. You can check the tin can by looking at it when it is open.

Thirst[edit | edit source]

You can drink at any water point and you can fill up your empty bottles to get a water bottle. Some stagnent water can be bad for you and it will affect your health if you drink it. You can check the water by looking at a filled up bottle.

Health[edit | edit source]

You can loose your health by falling down few meters, touching plants like cactus or aleo vera, getting shot by enemies fire weapons.

You can die instantly by touching a deadly mayan trap like swords or axes.

Stamina[edit | edit source]

You lose your stamina by pressing the SHIFT key, when you are running or swimming fast. To get your stamina back, just stop moving for a second, and stop going fast until your stamina bar will fill up itself.

If you keep on going fast when your Stamina level is completely down, you will get dizzy and get stuck for few seconds.